Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Why I Love Weddings, Remembered

Mr. Palindrome and I attended our first wedding as a married couple the other week.  We had been looking forward to its as we had grown with our friends from college dating, through Navy long distance relationships, and into engagement land. 

Not only were we able to rejoice with them as they joined us on the married side of life, but I found my wedding joy again.  I wasn't sure if weddings would ever be the same to me as when I was a wishful singleton dreamer.  Planning our own wedding exposed me to the stressful, head ache inducing side of things and though I'll never forget the experience, I'm so glad that I can enjoy weddings again since they're not my own!

I held my husband's hand while they repeated their vows, and I rubbed his wedding ring.  I appreciated the natural beauty of the outdoor ceremony space, the fragrance of the flowers, the taste of the wine, and the laughter at the toasts.  I ate Pennsylvania and Ohio shaped cookies from the cookie buffet (representing the bride and groom's home states).  All simple joys. 

Sure, I noticed the little touches that the bride worked so hard on (like the calligraphy place cards), but what I really remember was the feeling of love.  We felt so comfortable with their welcoming families.  We chatted, laughed, and toasted with our table mates.  We danced cheek to cheek to Oldies.  That's why I love weddings - the experience of the fullness of love that radiates from the beginning of a marriage.

Have you lost that loving feeling towards weddings?  Were you able to get it back?


Patience said...

I sure hope so because we have four weddings this summer. Since my wedding is in 5 short days, I feel at peace with everything.

melinda said...

I definitely think you will! Congratulations as you count down this final week!