Monday, August 23, 2010

From the Groomsmen's Perspective

I read this over on Aaron Karo's site this morning (I know a week old, but last Monday I have an excuse for having not read it):
Two of my best friends, Chi and Cat, are getting married next month. Chi sent an email to the wedding party, informing the guys we would be wearing tan suits. No one has a freaking tan suit or wants to buy or rent one, and so a flurry of hateful reply-to-alls ensued. Chi eventually acquiesced and is now allowing us to wear black suits instead. It was the first successful Groomsmen Rebellion in recorded wedding history.
So now I'm really curious.  If you had or are going to have one of the lovely tan suited weddings with pink flowers, how did you convince the guys to go along with it?  Are these groomsmen being jerks or are they just practical?


Mrs Gator said...

I would have loved tan suits but I knew realistically our groomsmen couldn't afford to purchase new suits (let alone their tux rental). So we stuck to the black tuxes and they all looked great. I'm really interested though to see how Brides convinced their groomsmen to purchase the tan suits.

M&K said...

Mike and I had a pretty informal wedding. We thought that our specifications on what to wear would have been easy to follow. We knew that a lot of our wedding party was unable to afford much, and we couldn't afford to rent each guy a tux. So we asked that they purchase a pair of khakis at Old Navy and pair it with a white collared shirt and a tie that Mike bought for each of them. We also asked that they just wear flip flops.

One guy wanted to buy fair trade and refused to buy from Old Navy. All of them wore different shoes, some dress shoes, some tennis shoes, one wore a pair of chucks. I was unsuccessful at having them wear exactly what I wanted. But it all worked and kind of went along with the bridesmaids being able to pick and choose what dress they were able to wear.