Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Mine at Last: Bridal Portraits

There was only one time when I was truly stressed on the wedding day.  Hair/makeup ran late and I didn't notice because there were no clocks and I had handed my cell phone to one of the palindromemaids.  The 30-45 minute delay cut into our photography time and as a result, we didn't do any "neat" photographs.  I would probably be more bothered by this if we didn't already have an amazing engagement session.  Still, I jumped at the chance to shoot a Trash the Dress/Bridal session with Mariko (Mrs. Sushi!) when the opportunity came up.
We drove out to Lake Las Vegas during a Bee meet-up to capture some of these shots just after dawn.

We wandered around the very quiet village that reminded us all (Mrs. Snow Pea was there too!) of Spanish villas.

Mariko is so calm behind the camera that I was immediately put at ease.  I tried to channel all of the advice Tyra's given on ANTM, but I still found myself nervous about what to do with my hands and wondering whether I was smiling with my eyes enough.

When Mariko sent me the CD of images, she included some chocolate from her home town - Hershey!  Indeed, the sweetest place on earth :)

I plan on ordering a magnet or something similar so that Mr. Palindrome can put one of the pictures inside his locker at school.  Sounds funny, but it's one of the few places that he would actually be able to see it every day!

Thanks Mariko!


Patience said...

Beautiful pictures. You look stunning.

melinda said...

Thanks! I was really pleased with how they turned out. Mr. Palindrome couldn't believe it was me in the pictures! LOL.