Friday, March 5, 2010

Mine at Last: My Boogie Shoes

Before we determined that Mr. Palindrome needed a slow song if we were going to rock the reception, I had in my head that we do an elaborate routine to the Police's Everything Little Thing She does is Magic or to KC and the Sunshine Band's Boogie Shoes.  The former involved several props and ended with a flash bang while the latter featured ridonkulous tap dancing solos during the instrumental portion.  When you stop laughing, I'll tell you about all of the dancing that did actually take place after we opened the dance floor with the rumba.

When I say that EVERYONE danced, I pretty much mean that every single person took to the dance floor at least once over the course of the evening.  Even our friend Wendy was out there! She decided to "announce" that she was with child when she went through our receiving line.  When I say she announced, I mean that she just walked up to us, we pointed and screamed, she nodded and said it was true, then I did the whole dreaded preggo tummy grab and rub because she was just that cute.  I was so excited and happy.  I apologized as profusely as I could in the 20 second greeting as they walked down to meet my parents, but woohoo!  Good news.  So yeah, she was accosted by me and still rocked the dance floor.
My bio cloud claims that make faces with the best of them and our photographer caught a ton of my "Yeah-I-think-I'm-on-So-You-Think-You-Can-Dance" faces.
I had been planning on tearing up the floor like nobody's business and I was expecting to have no peers in my fervor and ability.  However, my FIL threw down the dancing gauntlet!

Uh-oh!  The jacket is coming off!  Harry means business!
Oh?? and who are these dancing machines?  Did Grandma Fran and Mr. Palindrome just steal the spotlight?
They most certainly did.  I especially enjoy looking at all of the expressions of the onlookers.  Yeah, that's me pointing and gaping!
After dinner, the toasts and cake cutting, my FIL and I took it upon ourselves to start the dance party again.

SIL led a little Cha-Cha Slide and even Motherdrome got in on the clapping action.
Mr. Palindrome and I are classic American mutts, merging some of the most colorful cultures.  To pay homage to the diversity and fun, we arranged for the band to play traditional songs so that we could enjoy several cultural dances with our guests.
My college roommate and I started some polka goodness as the band played The Beer Barrel Polka.
Then the Italians took to the floor for a good old fashioned Tarantella.
You already know that the highlight for me was the chair dance.  Sweet anticipation, it was all over our faces.

I'm so glad that my Mom and Dad were able to share in the experience as well.  My mom looks like she's terrified, but I promise, she's having the time of her life!
After we were set down, Harry and I dueled again!
This time, he was mean serious business.
Oh yeah, he just took our friendly dance rivalry to the floor!
Our friends held their own as well, especially once the lights were dimmed.
A little MOH sandwich action:
One thing I particularly like to do is to act out the lyrics while I'm dancing.  Here I am bang, bang, banging on the door baby.
When I wasn't acting out lyrics, I was bouncing around like a dancing fool.  This was literally a dream come true for me: my very own dance party!
I call the move my friend AK is doing here the Yogi Bear.
I am available on an as needed basis to bring the party to your dance floor.  I'm building the business plan for this service as I type.
*All photos courtesy of Sam Hughes Photography


Patience said...

Such fun photos. Just looking at all of them made me smile. Everyone looks like they are having such a good time. Love it!

Maggie said...

Bring the party to our dance floor in April!!