Monday, September 13, 2010

Friday Finds on a Monday - Pink and Blue Weekday

When life gets in the way sometimes you postpone a post.  Other times you get married on a Monday.  In the spirit of changing things up, of doing the unexpected, and weddings on a weekday, this Friday Finds is all about a city hall wedding.  I thought of a whole story, how the couple has had it up to *here* with wedding crapola.  How they dress in their Sunday best and turn their case of the Mondays into a marriage on a gorgeous day.  They say, "I Do" and then picnic at noon time in the city park.  Now that's cheery!
Clockwise from L:
Ties-Necktie - Striped Light Blue Silk Tie
Urban Pink Photography - City Hall
Ingenious Rehab - Vintage Feminine Powder Pink Organza Party Dress
Heirloom Angel - Guildcraft Glove Box and Two Pairs of Gloves