Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Corn Dogs, Lambs, and Colas Oh My!

Cola and I both got the corn dog platter.  This platter supposedly had 4 mini corn dogs on it.  When the platters came out with 4 full size corn dogs EACH, we just about died.  After reviving ourselves we talked shop about weddings with readers, hubbies, and relatives.  Then us North Carolina gals tried to talk the Colas into moving to the east coast!  The mountains, the beaches, the history, the long summers, the baseball, the jobs, the affordable housing!  Seriously, the state government should put us on their payroll because I think we were pretty convincing.  After lunch we grabbed a quick picture overlooking the stadium. We couldn't have coordinated our lovely autumanl sweaters even if we had tried!
 Lovely reader, mcnetn3, Cola and Lamb
Photograph by Mr. Cola

Thanks to everyone who made it out to the meet up!  Let's try to do it again near the holidays!

*Sorry for the sun flare, if I knew more about editing, I probably could have fixed it better.  Oh well, Cola looks extra angelic here :).  And to the lovely reader whom I couldn't match with a handle after the fact, I've learned my lesson and I'll be writing those down during lunch from now on!

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BigAppleNosh said...

aww, looks like such a fun time! and i love corn dogs! :)