Friday, December 17, 2010

Friday Finds - Coordinating Inspiration

I've been loving these little jewelry dishes for a while and finally decided to build a collection around them.   The idea wasn't so much a theme, but building wedding inspiration from one piece and coordinating colors across events.  The dress could be a rehearsal dinner dress, shower dress, MOB dress, etc.  The necklace could be worn by the bride or given to bridesmaids.  The invitation could be for the wedding, shower, rehearsal dinner or even Thank You notes.  They're not matchy, but they do all compliment each other.

Clockwise from Top L:
SMV Designs - Cornflower Blue Chalcedony and Pearl Necklace
Sofralma - Set of 3 Antique Enamel Pin Dishes
Shalom's Cottage Home - Modern Dahlia Invitation
Poppy Pistol's Vintage - Vintage Secretary's Dress

Friday, December 10, 2010

Friday Finds - Red Winter Birds

Birds and weddings, overdone?  Maybe.  But they're just so darn cute.  I love them and thought I would adapt the theme for a wintry wedding since us winter brides are left out in the cold when it comes to schemes outside of snow flakes.


Clockwise from Top L:
By Tonetti - Red Jade Bird Hoops
Orly Design - Custom Ceramic Wedding Cake Topper
Victorian Station - Bird Nest Burlap Gift Bags
sweet bella - Winter Berry Love Birds Invitation

Friday, December 3, 2010

Friday Finds - Toy Story

Though too themed for my taste usually, I've been getting nostalgic with the holiday season and really wanted to put together a Toy Story collection. One of these items could probably be incorporated into a real wedding as a nod to a favorite movie. Now I'm a little sad that I didn't think of incorporating favorite movies or even books into my wedding day.

Are you incorporating anything from a favorite movie into your wedding day?
Clockwise from Top L:
Sew Ladybug - Little Bo Peep Smocked Dress
A.N. Original Jewelry - Porky Piggy Bank Silhouette Necklace in Silver
Garden 4 Arts - Custom Potato Head Cake Toppers
Dolci Fini - Western Boxed Wedding Invitations

Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Speaking Out Against Family

I've been thinking a lot about this subject as my friends and I walk through the process of leaving and cleaving. While it's a spiritually loaded sentiment from the Bible, it's a concept that I think everyone deals with to some degree or another. When you join your life with your partner's life, you become a baby family in your own right. So where does that leave your respective families? Especially if there is friction?

Questions such as these are at the front of my mind:
When is it appropriate to speak out against family? For racism? For homophobic remarks?
When do you cut family out of your life?
What are healthy boundary lines?
Should spouses have to choose between you and parents?

We've all probably heard stories or have our own examples of the racist father(-in-law) spouting jokes over turkey. Or the sister(-in-law)'s biting remarks. Whatever the issue is, it can cause a real wedge in the family. I wonder where the line is between peacekeeping and standing up for what is right. When I married into my husband's family, his grandmother told me: "It's your job to help keep this family together. You have the power to keep it together or break it up." While I agree with her that family should be kept sacred and honored, I only agree to a point. There are circumstances where I would feel warranted in making a break.

I tend to have a very black and white view. If I think you're wrong, I'll let you know know and what's more, I'll tell you what I think is right. As I understand this tendency more, I've been trying to employ more diplomatic means. The idea of speaking the truth in love applies here I think. If you can speak the truth, but do so in a loving way and then the other party still wants to part ways, then perhaps you've done all you can do. As a matter of conscience, I don't know that there are other options.

I probably have more questions than answers regarding these situations (which vary widely from one family to another). However, I don't think we talk about these situations outside of common jokes about the in-laws or putting the fun in dysfunctional. I want to know what wisdom you have to impart. I want to know what you've been trying and what's been working.

Have you had to cut off family? Set a firm boundary? Or maybe just speak out against an injustice within family? How has being married affected your decisions to do this?

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Heritage Photos to Heritage Wall

Our collection of heritage photos meant the world to me at our wedding. While I had physical copies of all the photos, I made sure that I scanned them and eventually ordered prints for myself.  I had a vision for how to display them, so I began collecting frames as I saw them on sale at Michael's, Home Goods, and Target.

I love how each picture dates the couple and expressions.  Let's meet the family:
Mr. Palindrome's Parents

Mr. Palindrome's Paternal Grandparents

Mr. Palindrome's Maternal Grandparents

Mr. Palindrome's Maternal Great Grandparents

Mr. Palindrome's Maternal Great Grandparents

Palindrome Bride's Parents

Palindrome Bride's Maternal Grandparents

Palindrome Bride's Paternal Grandparents

Palindrome Bride's Paternal Great Grandparents

After framing each photograph, I laid them out on the floor and arranged them loosely based on family ties.
Some experts lay a piece of butcher block under the frames and then tape the paper onto the wall.  Then they nail hangers right over the paper, thus ensuring exact placement.
I am a "this looks close enough" kind of gal.  So I just used my hand to approximate distances and it worked out pretty well.
I love how the mixed patinas of the frames make them look original.  I also like the asymmetry of the collection as a whole, yet it still feels balanced.
Did you collect photographs for your wedding?  Are you planning on incorporating them into your home decor after the wedding?

Friday, November 19, 2010

Friday Finds - To the Brits

I may or may not have gone on WoW spotting trips when I studied in England.  Since I'm happily married now and he is on his way to be, I could find no other inspiration this week than the impending royal wedding. I went cheesy and touristy too.  At the pub down the street from my flat they had Cheese Night every Saturday (basically American 80's Night!).  The round about sign invitation is probably my favorite, though I really enjoy the irony of the telephone booth ipod case (which I think would make great wedding party gifts!).

TGIF! (or more appropriately, GSTQ - God Save the Queen!)
Clockwise from Top L:
CB Sew - British Red Phone Booth Gadget Case
The Blissful Baker - British Themed Cupcake Toppers
Alive House - Union Jack Pillow Cover
Doodle Love - Love Roundabout Wedding Invitation

Monday, November 15, 2010

Honeymoon in My Hometown - Hampton Roads

You may have taken summer vacation to Williamsburg and been forced to appreciate colonial history, but the area has a ton to offer in the way of romance and activity for a honeymoon close to home.  Here are my personal suggestions if you're headed to the area for your honeymoon (or anniversary trip, or even babymoon trip?).

Where to stay:
Stay downtown and enjoy the waterviews!  Hop on the water taxi to explore downtown Portsmouth, or hop on the highway to enjoy any of the 7 cities in the area.  We stayed there on our wedding night and received excellent service. 

Stay at the Virginia Beach ocean front and enjoy waking up to the sound waves and 'gulls.  The boardwalk is just steps away, and plenty of restaurants are within walking distance.  

The Founders Inn & Spa is lovely and very hospitable.  The surrounding campus of Regent University is also beautiful and stately.  When we ate at the Founders Inn after my graduation, the food was delicious.  Sunday brunches are the talk of the town.  Head to the spa for a little extra luxury.

What to do:
Interesting bits of military history.

Well curated museum and interesting collection.

Musicals, speakers, the symphony, comedians, and military tattoos.

Virginia Aquarium
Animals and an Imax theater - satisfies your inner kid!

Old Cape Henry Lighthouse
Great views of the beach and surrounding area.

First Landing State Park
Extensive trails, camping, etc.

Naro Cinema
Great old theater, reasonably priced concessions, interesting films.

Busch Gardens
If you're a coaster lover, like me, this is a must!

Colonial Williamsburg
You just may appreciate it more this go around!

Where to Eat:

Chick's Oyster Bar
Hang out on the deck, pick shrimp, enjoy life.

The Bier Garden
No picture, just trust Palindrome Bride. Order the spatzle.

Start with the she crab soup, you won't be sorry.

The Williamsburg Winery
Eat at the tavern and enjoy some Virginia ham with a lovely table red.

Have you been to Hampton Roads?  Would you consider a local honeymoon?

*All photographs sourced from the accompanying links to each location.