Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Weddingbee Meet-up!

A kegerator, bees, culinary delights and wedding talk?  Sounds like a perfect Saturday meet-up to me!  Some Weddingbee readers dropped by my house to share goodies and girl talk this past week.  We talked all sorts of wedding shop, from rings to dresses to catering costs.  Then we talked about dogs, cooking dinner, grad school, life plans, and European vacations.  I also stuffed myself silly with treats.
Our awesome spread
Thanks ladies for representing Raleigh/Durham!  I love that we all wore dresses/skirts to beat the heat!
From L-R: ktbrady, mcnetn3, Mrs. Lamb, and Kmale0402

Sunday, July 25, 2010

House Mountain Inn

When you're running late to a wedding, have sweat droplets up the whazoo, and have a hair flower to show off, what do you do?  Demand your equally sweaty, late husband take pictures of you hanging off the golf cart transportation, of course!  In my head, this pictures was much cuter, something out of a Bing Crosby 40s musical with me regally holding on to the cart with one hand while looking fresh and expectant.  I'll blame this one on the fact that Mr. Palindrome was only about 12" away from me on the cart.

We were running late because we had driven to Lexington, VA that very afternoon and needed to stop at our hotel to change prior to the wedding.  Then we needed to drive from the hotel to the House Mountain Inn for the wedding itself.  The drive was oh-so-worth-it, if for no other reason than the breathtaking views of the blue ridge mountains.

I considered a purpose or theme for this post, but I really just wanted an excuse to show off my cute hair flower that I bought on impulse as I was shopping for groceries at Target, brag on my handsome husband, and give a quick nod to the House Mountain Inn as a lovely wedding location.  Done, done and done.

And for a funny, I'll give you three guesses as to what I was trying draw with my sparkler (and yes, this is the best picture of my 5 tries).

Friday, July 23, 2010

Friday Finds - Home Sweet Home

After a big trip out west this past week (more to come on the home blog about our adventures!) and a subsequent business trip, I was soooooo ready to come home.  I've also been contemplating the idea about creating a home together when you get married.  This home is the place where you nurture your baby family as your marriage grows.  Since the wedding is the beginning of that relationship, I thought of a subtle home theme that could be woven into a wedding.

Clockwise from Top L:
Other Such Nonsense - Home Sweet Home Wall Hanging
Faye Hubele - Bird House Favor Boxes
Baby Loves Pink - Fairy Tale House Necklace
The Little Red Door - Little House Favors

Friday, July 16, 2010

Friday Finds - Yellow, Gray, Black with a Twist

What do you do when you find a color palette you love but the dominate style seems to clash with your preference?  I had been struggling to decide that myself as I've drooled over the yellow, gray and black combination, but wasn't feeling the mod or minimalist designs.  I totally appreciate them, but with my vintage sensibilities, I was looking for a twist.  In planning my office decorations, I found a way to make incorporate my love of the color palette and my found object/vintage/baroque/whimsy.  If I could find a way with an office, why not a wedding?  This week's Friday Finds is like the country music version of yellow-gray-black.  And I would apologize for another yellow gingham ring bearer's pillow, but I'm obsessed and will make no apologies!


Clockwise from the Top L:
Surroundings - Music Note Boutonnieres
Special Occasion Design - Your Love is Music to My Ears Garter
Allie Ruth Design - Black and Yellow Bunting Invitations
The Happy Couple - Yellow Gingham Ring Bearer Pillow

Friday, July 9, 2010

Friday Finds - Grecian Sea

Ever since our failed honeymoon to Greece (that worked out delightfully in Italy! read more here), I've been especially interested in how other honeymooners have fared.  Some dear friends who recently wed at the House Mountain Inn (photographs forthcoming), made their way to the islands.  In the spirit of living vicariously through them and through a Grecian inspired wedding, I present this week's Friday Finds.

Clockwise from Top L:
Tara Allen Bridal - Gina Bridal Goddess Headband
Originals by Lynnette - Athena No. 2
Blue Sugar Bridal - Hollywood Rose Hair Clip
Louise Broad - Bianca Grecian Petal Shrug

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

The Youngsters, Wedding Week, and a Giveaway!

Over on Palindrome at Home, we love Young House Love for their DIY can do attitude and fresh design skills.  Here on Palindrome Bride, we have a new reason to love the Youngsters - Wedding Week!  Check out their blog all this week for wedding related goodness in celebration of their anniversary.  Also, if you're in the market for invitations, check out their amazing Invitation Giveaway from Two Paper Dolls and Louella Press.  This is one of my favorites from the Louella Press Gallery:
 Enter to win by 8 pm EST tonight!

Friday, July 2, 2010

Friday Finds: Robot Love

I'm geeking out over this robot inspired love.  The idea sprung from a friend who is creating a dinosaur, alien, robot baby theme blog.  It was so fun, that I thought, "Why not a wedding with robot details?"  Fun robot invitations could also work for shower or bachelorette invitations.  The pocket mirrors would be a sweet wedding party gift.  Whether around your neck or perhaps as an embellishment on a bouquet, the robot necklace doubles as a watch - particularly handy when one's cell phone is confiscated (speaking from experience!).  And gosh, those little robot and aqua favor boxes sporting hearts on top - be still my beating heart.

TGIF - and Happy 4th of July!

Clockwise from Top L:
bon moment - Retro Robots in Love Wedding Invitation
Madison Craft - Robot Love Pocket Mirror
The Enchanted Locket - Silver Robot Watch Necklace
Moments in the Sun - Robots in Love Heart Gift Boxes