Friday, May 14, 2010

Friday Finds - Pansies and Violets

Breaking from my recent streak of neutrals (powerdery pinks, ivory, and navy), I was inspired by the visual punch of utilizing contrasting colors.  Our master bedroom renovation is wallowing in monochromatic neutrals of a peachy/ivory color and when Mr. Palindrome called for something "that pops," I immediately started to think of slate blues.  While my Bucknell pride ('ray for the Orange and the Blue!) might make an appearance in future Friday Finds, I wanted to delve into a color combination that I haven't used before in decorating or wedding related planning - Purple and Yellow.  I found inspiration in nature's pairings featured in flowers.

Clockwise from Top L:
Just Another Day - Purple Passion Save the Date Sample  (could also be used for shower invitations)
Design Your Home - Raqual Violet Handmade Bedding (great registry item to bring your wedding colors home)
Donnalda - Vintage Pansies Journal Spots (ideal for escort cards, bridal party gifts, etc.)
Wearing the Past - 1980s Violet Retro Pumps

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