Thursday, May 13, 2010

Mine at Last: Photo Booth

One of my favorite things at our wedding was our makeshift photo booth (aka fauxto booth, smile booth, etc.).  I see a lot of people asking on the boards if these are overdone or tacky.  Besides my former roommate, who was planning a wedding at the same time as me, we're the only two weddings that I've seen a photo booth at (she rented a real one that spit out the classic four picture black and white strips - very cool!).  If you love it, I say, "Do it!"
During the cocktail hour, my event designer worked with our photographer, Sam Hughes, to create a small studio space.  They tied a ribbon sign between two chairs, hoisted a few yards of fabric onto the backdrop stand that Sam brought, and then let the good times roll.  Our second shooter manned the booth and we've posted all of the pics on a Shutterfly website so guests can easily download or print them.  At first, friends and family gathered for nice shots.
A friend from high school and her fiance
My Aunt, Grandpa, and Uncle
Friends from the Navy who were recently married
Mr. Palindrome's Aunt, Uncle, and Cousins (who served as Ushers)
Friends from my consulting firm
Friends from the Navy
Friends from my hometown

Then the more adventurous guests started poking about our prop pile!
Friend from Bucknell (and also one of our readers) and her husband
Friend from Bucknell and her boyfriend (flying all the way from San Fran!)
Friends from Bucknell (two on the left also sang at our wedding and the two on the right are getting married in June!)
Palindromaid S and her husband
Motherdrome and friends
Fatherdrome and friends
Friends from church
Bison ladies representing
Denise and Palindromaid S
The groomsmen
Not to be out done, the Palindromaids strike a pose
I get in on the action
SIL J and I reenact our first dance dip
 SIL J and and I hear a fun song and then run for the dance floor

I've been mocking up photo books as gifts for family and I really love ending the books with spreads of these pictures.  It reminds me of everyone who came and shared our day with us and I think provided some fun for them as well!

Have you been to a wedding with a photo booth? Did you partake in the photo fun?

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Amy said...

This is a terrific have all these wonderful photos to remember the quirky and unique moments of your big day!