Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Mine at Last: Inspiration Board vs. Execution Board

Remember when your wedding was just an idea?  I was reading through my archives and it was so fun to see how all of my thoughts were executed, evolved, and even discarded.

Here's my original inspiration board from nearly a year ago:

From L to R starting on the top row:
Art Deco Rhinestone Drop Earrings: Tees and More
Vintage dress display: Vintage Glam Weddings
Bridal Bouquet: Design Whimsy
Custom Feather Bridal Shoes: Emmy Custom Made Wedding Shoes
Fred Astaire and Ginger Rogers: Liberty Film Festival
Lauren Bacall: Janez Life and Times
Wedding Dress: Pronovias 2008 Collection
Flawless Invitation: eInvite
Maui Coconut Cake: Marney Cakes (accessed through Inspired!!)

And this is a collage of photographs from our wedding:
*All photographs by Sam Hughes (cropping and collage by me)

I think I toed the party line on this one and ended up executing a very close interpretation, save the last minute shoes bringing in a pop of red!

Have you stood by your original vision or has your wedding evolved from your inspiration?

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