Thursday, March 5, 2009

Palindrome goodness

The wonderful world of palindromes is my kind of geekery. As an English major, palindromes tickle my funny bone and satisfy my desire for symmetry. You may be asking yourself, "What the hey is a palindrome?" Merriam-Webster says this.

Therefore, my wedding date, 01/02/2010, is a lovely, palindromeous date. Palindromeous is probably not a word, but if I learned anything from that Shakespeare class I sat through, it is that making up words is cool and savvy. There are those who look things up in a dictionary and there are those who make up the words in the dictionary.

If only I were so clever to come up with a palindrome title for this blog, but you see palindrome is rather hard to be clever with . . . em, ord nil ap . . .not a lick of sense.


Hannah said...

There is a children's story from the 50s called "Hannah is a Palindrome" that my 2nd grade teacher made us read. I remember being so proud that day so I'm glad to see theres another palindrome lover out there :)

Amberdawn said...

I'd love a palindrome wedding date but I don't want to get married in November!