Friday, June 4, 2010

Friday Finds - For the Groom?

Octogenarian grandparents + parents + PG movies + board games + surf + sand = the Palindrome Family Vacation (and also explains my little absence - mmmm,  a vacation from the internet - needed every once in a while).  It might have inspired a beach theme for this week, but instead, I was reminded of those who didn't play a large role in the wedding planning, but definitely had an aversion to the color pink (grandpa, dad, and Mr. Palindrome).  This week's collection started with the red and charcoal invitations.  The bold lettering and color pairing lent a masculine edge.  The guest book/The ring pillow and vintage hanky blend the masculine and feminine with the color palette softened by feathers and embroidery.  Is/was your wedding influenced aesthetically by someone bearing a Y chromosome or an aversion to pink hues? 


Clockwise from Top L:
Raw Studio - Pink and Red Feathers on Charcoal Grey Raw Silk Ring Pillow
Windy Weather Bindery - Red Guest Book or Photo Album
Sugared Ink - Dalliance Flourished Wedding Invitation
Hanky Lady - Vintage "J" Hanky


Maggie said...

No, my wedding was not. However, I happened to be a bridesmaid in someone's whose groom did not put his foot down on the pink and have a large magenta monstrosity hanging in my closet to prove it!

melinda said...

Hahahahaha! Mr. Palindrome was fairly happy with the black/white color scheme. He was most concerned with nothing having flowers on it (invitations, photo backdrop, etc.)