Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Mine at Last: Hello, Goodbye

In the spirit of a yichud, Mr. Palindrome and I treasured our first few minutes as a married couple in the stairwell leading up to the balcony as we waited for our guests to line the church steps with birdseed in hand. 

"I feel like I'm watching a movie.  It's an out of body experience," I told him.
"I know! It doesn't feel real," my husband answered.
"Wow, huh? It's all over! We're married!"
He smooched his wife.
The chilly cries of the old ladies in fur coats as they shuffled into the dark night brought us back to earth.
"Ready?" he asked, taking my hand.

Then, I looked forward to our wedding day just because it would be over and I wouldn't have to think/do/hear/plan about weddings ever again.  Funny how memories soften over time.  As I prepare to sign off, I feel little twinges of sorrow.  Not full on "post wedding blues."  I rejoiced in the weeks after our wedding.  However, there's a small sense of, "Wow, it's all over. For real."  Outside of blogging, I've completed other tasks that contribute to the burying of the wedding.  I've ordered our album, sent my dress to be dry cleaned, and sorted/sold the wedding leftovers.  We've resorted to talking about the weather during small talk rather than the universality of guest list headaches.

Not that I'm crying, or that the voids left by wedding planning haven't been filled.  In fact, they've been filled with very fun things.  I have time to volunteer!  I read for pleasure!  I try new recipes!  I renovate our house!  I plant flowers and herbs!  I snuggle with my husband! The circle of life continues and I've found new challenges.  I'm even blogging about it over on Palindrome at Home.

You all deserve a round of applause for taking interest, reading, cheering, sympathisizing, and ultimately sharing in the joy of my journey to the alter.  For those still planning, I wish you all the best as you continue to plan and look forward to the beginning of your marriages.  To you and yours, a heartfelt, "Congratulations!"  For those who read my blog just because they love me, now you don't have to hear about any  more wedding stuff! (well, maybe some wedding stuff . . . )

Palindrome Bride :)


Born to be Mrs. Beever said...

Congratulations again. Your recaps have been wonderful. I love these bird seed tossing pretty!

It is so strange when the wedding is over, isn't it? Though my hubby asks me repeatedly if our wedding will ever end since I have managed to drag out my recaps over several months! :) I am still going strong on my blog and loving it...but mostly because it keeps me around following all the other ladies who follow and comment on my own blog.

I have truly loved looking at your beautiful pictures and your beautiful selves. Best wishes in all your married glory!

melinda said...

Thanks dear! Same to you! Drag out your recaps as long as you wish, it's fun to reminisce!