Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Mine at Last: In the Morning

I feel like I've come to the end of a TV series that I really liked at some point, but have gotten sick of and just want to find out the ending so that I can move on to a new show.  If you feel the same way about the Palindrome wedding, don't worry - just three more installments.  I want to tell you about the day chronologically as we prepared, anticipated and then celebrated. Let's start the story in the morning.

I looked at the clock, looked through my blackberry, looked at the clock, and then back to the phone again.  Willing myself to lay in bed until at least 7:00 am, I watched the digital numbers change from 6:59, then smiled as I swung my legs over the side of the bed.  I started the coffee maker and opened my lap top to log into Weddingbee.  I read every comment I had received on my last Miss post.  I also called kinko's and arranged with a friend to pick up our seating assignment chart.  After checking off the last wedding "to-do" task, I turned my attention to the serious business of breakfast.   A bagel baby soon emerged from my stomach when I downed two carbalicious bagels at Yorgo's in the Ghent neighborhood (sesame with veggie cream cheese and chocolate chip with butter in case you want my recommendations).

The palindromaids and I rolled into my parent's suite at the Marriott as our last minute hair/make-up savior, Liv Lethal, finished setting out her beautification tools.  In between sitting still for the installation of hot rollers and the application of falsies, I routinely nodded my head like yeah and swung my hips like yeah to the best wedding day mix a girl could want. 
The suite had this feeling of Christmas morning anticipation.  The fake plants were strung with white lights, the Palindromaids had opened their belated presents from me (fun red and green slippers), and the food never seemed to stop.

Liv and her assistants hot rolled until their fingers fell off, then they hot rolled some more.  The luscious ruby lips were the cherry on top of the vintage sundae.  The minutes turned to hours and before I realized it, we were running 30 minutes behind schedule.  I became a woman on a mission.  My one track mind could only focus on getting dressed so that I could see my future Mr. Palindrome.

Once the buttons were being secured, I could taste just how close I was to reuniting with the future Mr. Palindrome.  I felt myself racing ahead, willing my veil to be attached faster, my shoes to slip on faster and my perfume to spray faster.  Our photographer sensed that I was ready to charge forward and soothingly said he had found a quiet place for our first look. 

(Check out Liv's awesome specs and ruby red rhinestone lip earrings!)

Meanwhile, in the gentleman's suite, the future Mr. Palindrome calmed his own nervous anticipation . . . With a glass of vino.  Well, it was either nervous anticipation or a slight headache from the post-rehearsal dinner festivities.

As morning faded to afternoon, I handed over my blackberry and left to see the future Mr. Palindrome. 


Ms. Wedding Crasher said...

You looked gorgeous! Congrats!

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