Friday, June 11, 2010

Friday Finds - Wildflowers

One of the country songs that just speaks to me is She Don't Tell Me to, by Montgomery Gentry. 

Every now an' then, on my home,
I stop at a spot where the wild flowers grow, an' I pick a few,
'Cause she don't tell me to.

Here in NC, they plant wildflowers that taste nasty to rodents in the grassy median so as to cut down on road kill.  I'm quite thankful to the brave critters that necessitate this deterrence because it increases the quality of my life by giving me lovely flowers to brighten my drives.  So this week's Friday Finds is dedicated to NCDOT. 

I think my favorite item is the wildflower convertible dress.  At $79.99, it would cause bridesmaids to rejoice as well. And an eco friendly toss medium? The earth rejoices.  Oh! and one more dual function item - the menu/napkin rings! Beauty and function - just like the rodent repelling medians.

Clockwise from Top L:
April Ink - Wildflowers and Song Lyrics Wedding Invitation
Coralie Beatrix - Wildflower Grey Convertible Wrap Dress
Blossoms Wild Flower Herb Lavender Farm - Wildflower Herbal Confetti Kit
Two Yellow Shoes - Digital Wildflower Menu Wrap Template

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