Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Mine at Last: 15 Minutes of Fame

If our wedding had been two weeks later, I might have been singing the new breakout "Pants on the Ground."  Instead, I sang an old standby.  A song I've sung in the shower after a break-up.  A song that draws women all over the world to the dance floor (I know, it happened in a German disco at least once).  A song that certainly is in the Top Ten most kareoked songs of all time.

Our band (more on them later!) noticed I have a little bit of a flair for the dramatic (also, more on that later!) and as momentum built over the course of the night, they pulled me onstage to bring the energy levels to a crescendo.  The crowd pulsed with anticipation.  The opening bars pounded through the speakers.  Oh, I WILL survive!

I took my role seriously.  I brought it (just doesn't have the same emphasis in the past tense), then I gave a little more!  I grabbed hold of the mic like the rock star I know I am.  I channeled every bit of soul in my body.  I lived my American Dream fantasies.
Me and my "back-up" singer

The band went nuts during the instrumental interlude, allowing me to interact uninhibitedly with my fans
and for them, in turn, to appreciate my talents.
In the end, I was exposed as a lip syncing fraud when my "back-up" singer ended her note a few bars ahead of my emphatic attempts at simulated vibrato. 
No skin off my back though, I was a star.  Move over, Ryan Seacrest.  Eat your heart out Kelly Clarkson. I am an American Idol!  At least as long as the song lasted.
*All photos by Sam Hughes Photography, collages by me

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