Saturday, February 20, 2010

Mine at Last: The Palindromaids!

Since I haven't been a bridesmaid myself before, I didn't really know what they should do except for all sorts of contradicting notions thrown about the interwebs.  I thought about what I wanted, which was ultimately to be surrounded by friends who would understand me when I had an emotional meltdown, who would laugh at my jokes, who would hold my hand, and who would tell me if I had a boogie hanging out my nose.  My Palindromaids were all that and a bag of chips.
The ladies chose their own black dresses, helped throw me a lovely shower, and acted as my ridiculously fun posse for the entirety of our wedding weekend.  If I had any expectations, they certainly exceeded them and set the bar quite high for me as I attempt to be co-MOH for Palindromaid of Honor E.  (Check out this hilarious e-card from she sent to me to ask if I would be in her wedding party!)  Each of the Palindromaids brought a little something different to the wedding table and my heart full.

I already posted a little about E, as she was crucial to my sanity.  E ironed my veil, had answers for everything, held my dress when I peed, delivered a perfectly sentimental speech, held my hand when I had a momentary hyperventilation, and made sure everyone knew what to do.  I can't wait to return the favor!
A . . . which always seems weird to type, because I call her by her last name, brought class (so Jackie-O!), sarcasm, orders for me to nap, a willingness to eat stacks of pancakes with me, the stamina to walk 1.5 miles to get said pancakes, and all around fun.  We're planning some devilishly fun girl time in the Big Apple over the summer - woohoo!
S was the first person to ask me, "Ummm . . . you talk a lot about Jason, do you think you like him?"  I probably said, "No." But we all know the first stage is denial.  At least for those of use going the whole Pride and Prejudice love route.  S and her husband just crack me up.  They're like my life mentors - which makes sense since S was a pscyh major and her husband is in the ministry.  It's a dynamic duo of sound counsel with a hint of humor and shenanigans!
From office mates to friends, L has been a constant in my life since I called her in a panic not knowing how to get to my first day on the job.  We traversed the Pacific ocean (ask her sometime how much paddling I was doing) and pulled through master's programs together.  L made sure I was hydrated, helped me pick out my shoes, and debriefs with me nearly every day.  Instant messenger fun on all levels!

My SIL J!  We've been getting to know each other better as we both have been moving all across the country.  Since neither of us grew up with sisters, it's that much more meaningful to us to have a sister now.  J treated me to a divine mani/pedi and overflowed the dancefloor when she led everyone in the Cha-cha slide!
I think the most fun aspect of the weekend was having all of my ladies hanging out together.  They even wanted to arrange for a Palindromaid Reunion weekend next year!

Did you think your bridesmaids will hit it off on your wedding weekend?

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