Thursday, February 11, 2010

Mine at Last: The Cakes (plural)

We didn't just have a wedding cake.  We had wedding cakes.  And we put them in the middle of every table so that our guests could feast with their eyes first.
I wish I could give you each tastes of this cake . . . if you're ever in Norfolk or Virginia Beach, go to No Frill Bar and Grill and order a piece of the 4 Layer Coconut Creme cake.  Moist, flavorful, perfect - these are all understatements.  Just eat the cake and become a believer like me.  I made one call about the cakes.  No Frills put me in touch with their baker, I gave the name and number to my wedding planner, and 12 beautiful cakes met me when I saw our reception set up.
I just loved my little vintage find of a cake topper and it was a great size for the small cake. We used the same knife my parents used 30+ years ago.
The cakes were smaller 8 inch double layer versions of the cake served at No Frills.  They fit perfectly on my handmade cake stands (which worked out awesome, until they were washed and the epoxy on two of them wore off). 
Three different guests, who we knew disliked coconut, went out of their way to tell us that they not only loved our cake, but they had two pieces.  Like I told you before, this cake will make you a believer.
I'm not a cake smasher at heart - why waste perfectly good cake??? So we fed each other with forks.  We're civilized like that.
Our amazing caterer (who didn't charge any cake cutting fees!), sent a lovely picnic basket with all sorts of goodies as well as a whole cake that was leftover.  Since we sneaked off to our hotel room, the hotel staff delivered the basket to my in-laws suite. 

The morning after the wedding, we were visiting with my in-laws and they brought out the basket.  We oohed and ahhed.  Then my mother-in-law asked if I was planning on freezing a cake.  I wasn't sure what to say because we didn't really have the means to freeze it (we were driving directly to our mini-moon) and I wasn't planning to, but I didn't want to hurt her feelings if she had been kind enough to arrange for it.  I told her it was a lovely idea!  Funnily enough, she was asking because one of the cousins had discovered the cake after the wedding and she had to hunt it down a few floors down!  She put it safely back in the fridge, only to discover my father-in-law eating a huge piece a few minutes later!  She had frantically tried to put the half eaten piece back, but there was already too much of it eaten.

My father-in-law really enjoyed himself at our reception, so we didn't blame him for looking for a midnight snack.  I feigned anger for a little bit to tease him, before I burst out laughing and ate a big slice for breakfast.  It was delicious with some coffee to wash it down!

*all photographs by Sam Hughes Photography

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Giovanna said...

i loooove the idea of multiple cakes and i love your veil. so glam.