Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Mine at Last: It's BEEn Real

As I wrap up my recaps (still a few more up my sleeve), I wanted to find a small way to commemorate my time blogging the wedding.  Being picked up as a writer for Weddingbee was such an awesome experience and I wanted a sweet reminder.  When I was in high school, I was cast as Annie Sullivan in "The Miracle Worker."  My parents gifted me a lovely necklace featuring a key and lock, symbolic of Annie's teaching relationship with Helen Keller.  I cherish that necklace and still wear it at times to remember my cast mates and the overall lessons and themes in my life at the time.  After toying with several other ideas (like this cute trinket box), I came back and settled on idea of a necklace. 

I typed "bee necklace" into Etsy.com  and holy moly - 68 pages worth of results were returned!  I combed through pages and pages, finally organizing my favorites into a few categories.  Some of these I thought would be the icing on the cake for several lovely wedding related outfits (garden weddings, showers, etc.!)

First, the obvious and understated necklaces featuring bee charms:
Top Row L-R:
Everyday Glory - Honey Maker Locket
Charms4Life - Honeycomb with Bee
Cognitive Creations - Flight of the Traveling Bumble Bee
Bottom Row L-R:
Elena Grace - Bee Happy
Beth Millner - Reversible Radial Silver Bumble Bee Necklace
Made by Moe - Humble Bumble Necklace
Ruby Ann Bertram-Harker - Bee Loved

Then I thought, maybe I want a little bling:
Top Row L-R:
Voleur de Bijoux - Bourdon Parisian Bumblee Necklace
Mykonos - Lovely Twinkle Little Bee
Something Blue - Carmel Drop Necklace
Bottom Row L-R:
Sula Blu - Swarm
Dancing Mooney - Aunt Bea Brass Necklace
My Cellar Door - Smoking the Hive

Or maybe if I wanted to go bling, I should go for the whole kit and caboodle with a statement necklace?
Top Row L-R:
Talulabelles - Fields of Corn
The Trinket Box - Brienne
Persimmon - Buzzing Bee Necklace
Bottom Row L-R:
Ectectrix - Bee Mine Flower Necklace
Hypho - Drama Queen (Bee)

Hmm . . . maybe that's too much though, and I want something more casual and flirty?
Clockwise from Top L:
Peapod Treasures - Bee Keeper
Made by Moe - Lilly's Flower and Bee Locket
Carmaneque - Modern Bouquet Necklace
Proteales - Custom French Poetry Necklace

The sampling of alternatives proved to be nearly endless with clay, anime, and beading!
From L-R:
Alona Lahav - Little Bee Necklace
Piggy's Little Shop - I LOVE Gothloli Kitty Necklace
walkonthemoon - Polarity Necklace

After nearly going cross eyed, I explored one more option that reverted back to my original train of thought, simple and understated - this time with a non-bee twist:
Top Row L-R:
Purple Pigeon - Silver Honey - Four
j^2 - Honey 3
Elizabeth Scott - Honeycomb Necklace
Bottom Row L-R:
j^2 - Honey Sway
Alona Lahav - Free Bee Necklace
Contrary - Honey Bee Hive Locket

I ended up ordering Honey Sway from j^2 and can't wait for it to arrive in my mailbox!
Do you have a favorite?

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Nomsa said...

Great choice on the necklace! I have to say that I love the bee hive locket. I have had my eye on that one for a long time. So unique!