Friday, October 1, 2010

Friday Finds - A Wheat Wedding

In my head, I'm screaming this title 80s hair band style to the White Wedding theme. Shamefully, I was even bobbing my while I typed it.

Anywheaties, I had a really sweet pastel inspired Friday Finds lined up this week.  Then a cold front came through with rain.  Goodbye pastels!  Hello Autumn!  I've seen wheat in weddings before, but it's usually paired with cranberry or chocolate.  For this collection I decided on a monochromatic palette that features the wheat as the main dish.  One of my favorite items of the collection is the wheat ring - subtle and yet deeply satisfying as consistent with the theme.  Oh, and the dress!  Wedding party, mother, guest, even for the bride - and a steal at $95!

Clockwise from the Top L:
Which Goose - Through the Rye Bout
Frock Stars - 1960s Silk Cocktail Dress with Rosette Sash Waist
Which Goose - Wheat Field Bouquet
Lunasa Designs - Fields of Wheat Ring
Kitsch N Collectibles - 3 Vintage Tuscan Yellow Domed Flower Buttons

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