Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Real Wedding: Pin Wheels

I've been wanting to share this wedding since I first heard from my friend that she was going to make all of the decor.  Out of paper.  Into pin wheels.  The idea was charming and the execution even more so.
Krista and Mike were married at a farm not far from our hometown.  In August, the corn was tall and ready to be harvested.  The overcast sky looked menacing but the rain held off.
In the distance you can see what I thought of as a unity bush.  The mothers each ceremoniously added dirt and then the couple watered it after their vows.
Alternating colors of pinwheels lined the aisle.  With the slight breeze forewarning rain, the pinwheels actually spun.
In addition to the pin wheels, Krista also decorated wooden die cut fans.  Before the ceremony we tried our hands opening them flamenco style.  I also found the location to be a great excuse to wear my boots to a wedding!
The pin wheel decor extended beyond pew liners.  Here's a closeup of an usher's bout:
These last three photos were taken by Krista and Mike's up and coming photographer, Emily Patton of Emily Photography.
The pinwheels made their first appearance in Krista and Mike's lovely engagement session.  The lighting here is just delicious.
Even Krista's bouquet featured the pin wheel.  I loved how she incorporated buttons and curly wire too.
This is one of my favorites from the day, Krista looks so happy and I love Mike's pin wheel bout peeking out!

Are you decorating your ceremony without flowers?  What materials are you using?

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