Monday, October 18, 2010

Priscilla of Boston Grand Opening in Raleigh

Mr. Palindrome's classmate's wife (second cousin once removed, just kidding, but seriously that seems a lot more removed that it actually is) works at the lovely, new Priscilla of Boston wedding salon in Raleigh.  She graciously extended invitations to their grand opening soiree to the other wives in the program and was a fun hostess to boot!
 I've never been to a grand opening before, so I had zero expectations.  This opening made me want to attend them all the time!  Live models, as seen in the photograph above, were stationed in the front windows and side rooms.  They changed through out the evening for a variety of looks.  I spoke with representatives from Bailey's where they have jewelry in addition to fine china and crystal for which couples can register.  Turns out our husbands do similar work so we talked more about that than weddings - pretty clich├ęd old married woman talk eh? 
I was drawn to this sweet table featuring items from Lavender and Lace because the jar of sprinkling silk is the exact same jar that my mom gave me as a wedding present.  I recently used it for the first time on our sheets and Mr. Palindrome kept asking me how I made the bed so comfortable.  While changing to nice clean sheets probably had something to do with it, I like to think the sprinkling silk took it to the next level.  Anysprinkling, they had a lovely display that gave me some ideas for keepsake type gifts for some upcoming weddings, especially with the 20% off coupon the representative gave to attendants.
Shannon from Charlotte's and I talked for a long time about invitations, weddings, moving for yourself, moving on after love, and Wisconsin.  For real, people (like Shannon) from Wisconsin are just so nice.  I was particularly drawn to the orchid invitations below as I start to think about planning a shower for Emily.  The shop does design and printing as well which could save me a lot of trial and error.
The floral arrangements were breathtaking.  Can I remember which florist did them?  Nope.  Bad blogger, bad bride.  I'm sure if you were intent on finding out, you could sleuth around and find the names.  Funny how I don't write this sort of thing down anymore now that it's not life and death my wedding we're talking about.  Oh, and the food.  And the champagne.  Delish.
At the very front of the store, right when you walked in after being shown in by a gentlemen in tail coats (posh, no?) sat a huge display of mini cupcakes from the Cupcake Shoppe Bakery.  I wasn't a a fan of the funny, bushy dress on the top, but boy was I ever a fan of the coconut cupcakes!  They took me right back to my wedding.  I could have eaten 10, but I stopped myself after a respectful 3.  I almost shoved a few in my purse but the models were staring like hawks. 
I also met the Publisher/Editor of Southern Bride & Groom, Donna Parks.  We talked blogs and I picked up the latest issue.  For Triangle couples, it has a good catalog of local venues and companies - a nice place to find inspiration in print, though quite traditional and leaning towards the WIC.  Rounding out the industry representatives, a DJ spun tunes in the front of the shop while a photobooth rental guy hung out in a side room.  Finally, I decided to examine the dresses, the real reason why I drove out to Raleigh in the first place.
Cocktail length dresses reigned supreme all along one wall and my neuroses was satisfied by their rainbow order on the rack.  There were a lot of cooler tones with navy and grey being choice colors.  Ruching along the top, ruffles, and bubble skirts also displayed prominently.
I couldn't help but love this little number even if I don't think it has mass appeal or practicality.  The feathers just slay me - what a great take on the flapper style, but with a more ethereal, dare I say angelic, flavor.  Again, so sorry not to know the designer, but it was such an afterthought of "ooooh, pretty."  To try it on, Priscilla of Boston takes appointments and is located at:
Priscilla of Boston - Raleigh
2023 Cameron Street
Raleigh, NC 27605
There were plenty of short dress styles to choose from amidst the sea of long gowns - some enticing enough to make me want to try them on myself.  It made me nostalgic for my gown, which I haven't felt even a pang of until now.

Have you been to a bridal shop opening?  What do you local brides think of Cameron Village's wedding industry resources?


BigAppleNosh said...

Looks like such a fun time! And great show of restraint on stopping at 3 cupcakes; I don't know if I could have done the same ;)

emily said...

That little white dress is to die for. I'd totally never wear it, but it's awesome.

BTW - what is sprinkling silk? I've never heard of it.

melinda said...

@emily - it's like talc I think. I found some here: with the following ingredient list: Finely crushed chamomile & marigold flowers, blended with silk & plant extracts, create a naturally absorbent powder that softens, soothes & protects while delicately perfuming the skin
Mine is a shaking container and it suggests sprinkling it on sheets (besides for use on the body).

Miss Polar Bear said...

Melinda! I miss you! I also need that little white feather dress, I think....

melinda said...

@Miss Polar Bear - I know right? I'm like a crow to shiny things with feathers - Let's walk soon!

Jenny @ Simcoe Street said...

Looks like such fun!

If you have a chance, pop on over to my blog today to see my wedding cake post