Friday, January 1, 2010

New Year, New Marriage

Holy New Year Wedding Madness, Batman!  It's the day before my wedding.  The only things I need to do today are get my nails done and attend the rehearsal/dinner.  Last week, I was dreading the whole ordeal.  I was convinced that I had created the Frankenstein of weddings and that it had turned against me.  I was sick and tired of anything wedding related.  On Monday morning, the stressful haze began to clear. I woke up and smiled because I knew that I would be seeing the future Mr. Palindrome (after a 21 day hiatus filled with finals and holiday travel).  On Tuesday, we completed our 4th move of the year together (2 for him and 2 for me).  On Wednesday, we transferred all the wedding items to my planner, Ms. P.  Yesterday, we rang in the new year with members of our wedding party at the Bier Garden.  Good beer + good German food = good times had by all.

Today, I woke up and smiled again.  The joy that everyone had predicted would ensue after last week's shenanigans has filled my soul.  My wedding week mantra has been, "At the end of the aisle, our marriage begins." I'm ready to enter into the mysterious relationship of joining two into one.  Today, I'm excited.  And happy.  And at peace.

I'm going to try to refrain from yearbook-esque exclamations (Can you believe it? What a ride! You're the best!) and instead leave you with a little wedding day treat.  My ridiculously talented videographer (technically, my marriage documentarian!) shot a save the date shortie.  I don't think that I've ever told you the story of how we met.  Let us tell you now, in our own words.  (Special shout out to Mrs. Apple Cider for the music suggestion!)

Jason + Melinda // Save the Date from Mark Mroz on Vimeo.

Filmed and edited by Mark Mroz of Goodrich Creative.

Happy New Year dear friends!


Maggie said...

So freaking excited to head to VA today!!!! Can't wait to see you two tomorrow!!!! Congrats & Best Wishes!!!!

Katie said...

Congratulations - I hope your day is fabulous :)

brit @ landlocked bride said...

LOVE that save the date. Wishing you lots of love and a beautiful day! Happy New Year!!

Born to be Mrs. Beever said...

It's your wedding day today! How exciting! I hope all goes well...and I love that cute and unique! Can't wait to see more and hear all your recaps.

3 o'clock walk said...