Friday, January 8, 2010

Friday Finds - MiniMooning Winter Style

The tulle has gathered dust, the glasses are packed away, wrapping lays on the floor, but I'm still basking in my honeymoon glow.  My thoughts are cluttered like every room in my house and as much as I need to organize physically, I'm also still mentally processing the happenings of our wedding week.  I will be gathering thoughts and pictures and whatnot for recaps, but for my first day back at blogging after the wedding, I'm going to ease into it with a Friday Finds.  These are items I wish I had the forethought to buy for a cute mini moon outfit.  You see, there was a teensy cold snap and I could have used about 10 extra layers.


Clockwise from Left:
Bayan Hippo: Burgandy Canvas Purse
Natalya's Studio: Coffee/Tea Cup Cozy

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natalya1905 said...

What a wonderful collection - whipped cream and cranberries. Or snow and cranberries. Thank you very much for including my Cup Cozy! :)