Monday, January 11, 2010

Huh. Now what?

Lesson Learned #647:  Prior to the wedding, calculate how much cargo space all of your decorations, centerpieces, crafting supplies, and estimated wedding gifts will require. 

So remember how my little studio was stuffed with wedding junk?  Remember how I moved the week before the wedding?  Remember how much stuff I made for the wedding?  Yeah, I would have done well to really account for all that stuff.  Unfortunately, on the Sunday after the wedding we were left to figure out how we were going to load everything into our Xterra which was already full of stuff leftover from my apartment.  *Side Note: Notice my liberal use of the term "our."  That's the kind of stuff you can really throw around once you're married.  What's yours is mine and what's mine is yours, baby! End Side Note.*

AnyXterra, here's a snapshot of what we needed to get from point A (the hotel) to point B (our house), via point C (our minimoon destination):

However luckily or unluckily we considered it at the time, we had a lot of fresh experience with moving.  My move to Durham, the week before the wedding, marked our 4th move this year.  After surveying the volume of stuff, we cried "Uncle!" and ran to our home away from home, Uhaul.  I believe they said, "Why hello, Jason!" when Mr. Palindrome walked in.  He expertly rented a trailer and we made quick work loading our bell hop carts.  We meandered our way to our minimoon destination at a cool 55 mph, singing King of the Road and reading wedding cards. 

As they say, these things come in threes.  Our first Uhaul trailer moved me from Norfolk to Durham, our second Uhaul trailer moved our wedding stuff to Durham, and then we rented a third Uhaul trailer this past weekend to move a dining room set we found on Craigslist.  Mr. Palindrome can turn those bad boys on a dime now.  We're so efficient, we're toying with the idea of opening our own moving business.

JK, Mr. Palindrome.  Calm down.

Did you have to get creative in hauling wedding supplies?


Catie said...

Yep, I just got all of mine a couple months ago haha. My parents were kind enough to keep them at their house, since I didn't NEED them in washington. but once we bought the house in virginia, they arrived in the back of my mom's car on her first visit. i can't imagine why, but she didn't want all of that stuff in her house anymore haha

Born to be Mrs. Beever said...

I have all of my wedding stuff packed into a hideaway storage area behind a closet in my home...once the wedding is upon us, I will haul most of it over to my wedding coordinator the day before the wedding. then she and her 2 assistants will bring it all to the venue. At the end of the night, they'll load it all up and deliver it to us the next morning or they can load up a lot into the cars of our friends and family at the wedding and they'll drive it over to our house. I don't think my guy realizes just how much stuff I already have that will be getting lugged around :)