Saturday, January 9, 2010

Being Mrs. Palindrome

I think that before the wedding day, I thought that I would magically feel married once we said our vows.  I felt that maybe I was just suited to be a Mrs. and it would be lovely, natural transition.  A week later, I still feel remarkably like myself.  I'm wearing an extra ring, I look at the pictures, and I know that I am married.  Despite this, I'm still just me. 

I asked Mr. Palindrome how long he thought it would take us to get used to living together.  In my head, I was estimating about 6 months.  "On the order of years," he replied.  I think he's right.  To feel married, to feel as one, to have it all sink in and experience the implications of joining two lives - yes, I think that will take more than half a year.

I've ridden dozens of emotions through the process of getting married.  Sadness to leave my home, happiness to see dear friends, calmness to say my vows, peacefulness to wake the next morning beside my husband, weirdness to realize I have a new life.  I'm letting it all wash over me.

Though I've set a pensive mood for this post, it really hasn't been a week full of philosophizing , chewing pencil ends, and staring out the window.  I saved those moments for the several car trips and the hours of unpacking.  The rest of the time, I've been filled with warmth through reminiscing about the many sweet times of the wedding weekend.  To give you a taste, I want to show you what is probably my favorite moment of the evening, the moment I knew that my new name came with a very special privelege:

Mr. Palindrome looks like a kid on Christmas morning (errr during Hanukkah), his hands clasped and eyes lit up.  I'm oscillating between sheer joy and sheer terror as I laugh until my stomach hurts and my knuckles go white from grasping the chair.  Oh yes, I may philosophize and I may still feel like me, but gosh, I love being a 'stein!


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I'm so happy to see one of your favorite moments of the day! I hope you two are thoroughly enjoying the beginning of your lives together as one. All the best from now into the future!

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