Saturday, January 16, 2010

MiniMoon for VA Lovers

The only downside of a minimoon is painfully obvious, it's mini.  Though I love many a mini thing - travel size toiletries, personal sized airplane food, bite size snacks, doll houses, baby clothes, etc - I definitely wished our minimoon could have been extended to a full one month honeymoon.  Ah, to be in the olden days where a month was the norm (without the hunting/gathering and other such worries that came along with it)!

Since Virginia is for Lovers, we decided to extend our stay past the wedding weekend.  I knew that I wanted to explore more of Charlottesville with Mr. Palindrome ever since visiting the town for a girls weekend wine tasting trip.  Much like the Sprinkles, we opted for a B&B in Charlottesville.  I couldn't convince Mr. Palindrome about the pig sanctuary though (gah, I love animals and really, really wanted to pet those pigs!), so we booked two nights at the Dinsmore House Inn. 

The Inn is situated of of Main St. where it turns into University, right near the UVA campus.  When booking, I liked the fact that the house had some historical significance with ties to Monticello.  We were supposed to stay in the lovely Virginia Room, but upon arrival we were upgraded to the Dinsmore Room.
Check out the beautiful four post bed and the fireplace!  It was the perfect respite after spending the previous week on a combination of air mattresses, couch pillows, and various other hotel rooms.  Breakfast was definitely a highlight of the trip for me - breakfast is my favorite meal and such a treat to have someone else making it!

Leave it to us to get married and minimoon during the worst cold snap of the season.  We only ventured from our cozy room  one afternoon with the intention of wine tasting. We decided to check out the Jefferson Vineyards and potentially walk around Monticello since Mr. Palindrome hadn't seen it before.

The wine was tasty (our favorites were the 2008 Viognier and the 2006 Meritage) and our wine flight attendent (is that a title?) was helpful with descriptions and dinner recommendations.    Even after a little wine, as soon as the cold air hit us walking to the car, we knew we wouldn't enjoy more exposure to the elements at Monticello so we decided to head to another winery, the Kluge Estate Winery and Vineyards.

The wine was fine, but the most memorable part was the open/airy tasting room.  (Actually, the most memorable thing was the inn keeper giving us the sordid backstory of affairs, Parisian feather girls, and divorce settlements.) We called it a day and headed back to the Dinsmore after an admittedly pathetic attempt to "do something."  But it was our minimoon and all we really wanted was a nap in our toasty room!  This is also the attitude that led us to having no pictures of ourselves on the minimoon.  Neither of us could bear smiling for the camera anymore, so we ditched our point and shoot in favor of another nap.  We were much more exhausted than we thought and ended up spending most of the 48 hours in various stages of unconsciousness.  It was perfect.

Do you have any low key minimoon destinations to share?

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