Friday, March 27, 2009

Dress Dreams

I already have my dress. It’s a loooooooooooooooong story, which I will tell immediately after I find out whether I’ve been accepted as a Wedding Bee or not. It’s a tear jerker (sad and funny tears all at once!) for sure and I can’t wait for it hit the prime time, but for now you’ll just have to settle for these dreamy dresses.

If I were ambitious enough to sew my own dress, I would promptly buy this pattern: is chock full of vintage patterns. Can you imagine this dress in a champagne brocade for a Jackie O inspired cocktail reception? Come to momma vintage dress!

If I were ambitious enough to sew my bridesmaids dresses (and wanted to willfully impose my taste on them), I would promptly buy this pattern: also has a great collection of vintage dress patterns. I think these dresses in yummy silk would be amazing. Notice how the dresses on the packing match my color palette? Be still my fluttering vintage dress obsessed heart!

If I decided I were not ambitious, but still wanted the look, I would promptly order this dress:

Hello cutey-petooty-ness! Seriously. Thank you Amanda Archer for rocking my world.

I hope someone else enjoys these as much as me – and then sends me pictures so that I know these dresses found happy homes! Sheesh, you’d think they were puppies on the SPCA website . . . I might just have to myself from drooling over cute dresses, just as I did from the pound – who knows what you might come home with!

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