Thursday, March 5, 2009

Oo Lala! The Palette is confirmed!

In the same Wedding Bee post that introduced me to COLOUR Lovers, I found Polyvore. I found the same little annoyances about setting up the account, but once I was registered, I was hooked! The site basically functions like PowerPoint or Photoshop where you can layer images, change the sizes, add text, add backgrounds, etc.

I found a few cons with the program:
- You are kind of limited to the products they had in the system (maybe if I played around with it more, I could figure out how to load other photos?).
- Some of the images are not very good, so they looked fuzzy or messy
- The search options are limited
- The color search doesn't really produce items of that color, but more items with that color somewhere on them . . .

Overall, it was a lot of fun and mixed up my usual routine of throwing pictures into power point. Also, it really made my palette come alive to me! I'm def. convinced neutral chic is the way to go!

Vintage Chic
Vintage Chic - by spwingal on

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TangledMess said...

I like it :-)