Thursday, September 10, 2009

August showers bring October showers?

If you're in the Tidewater area, and I mean water with capital W, then you may have had the same idea as me. Build an ark and start the gathering the animals by twosies. For real, the rain has come down, the inlets have gone up, and it I don't know when it'll stop. I'll blame it on me not having a TV, although I could easily spend the next 30 seconds looking it up on But that would take all the fun out of waking up each morning to see what the weather will be like. No thank you, I'll just keep building my ark and abide by the "How menacing do those clouds look out there?" method.

Anydeluge, I'm also prepping for a shower of another sort. My lovely Palindromaid of Honor and my motherdrome have planned their little hearts out to throw me a Bridal Shower. I just received this darling invitation*:
Well, in person it's darling.  The ghetto fabulous neon graffiti privacy paint doesn't really go with the whole tea theme, but  in this day and age, it's sadly necessary.  Just enjoy the sweet pink damask, the little tea pot that I want to tip over and pour out, and the bridal rhyme.  If this doesn't say, "Come to momma tea and crumpets!" I don't know what does.  Now this is the kind of shower that I could get in to. 
Oh! and if you're in attendance, fatherdrome has informed me that motherdrome has made him clean the house in places he didn't even know existed.  The Palindrome pad is spruced up and tea party ready! 
One lump or two?
*The invites were done by a great Etsy seller, Black and White Adventures.

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