Wednesday, September 2, 2009

I wanna bite of those Hotcakes

Our great caterer, Kathy over at East Beach Catering, was chatting us up while I was devouring yeast rolls like it was my job. She found out that we were looking for a band and highly suggested a local band called Hotcakes. She was so impressed with them at a wedding she catered a few months ago that she booked them for her daughter's wedding this fall.

The future Mr. Palindrome and I have been haphazardly trying to audition bands when we're in town together. Hotcakes happened to be playing at the Chesapeake Seafood Festival at the Shedive Temple.

Hahahahaha - It's like a joke that just writes itself. A Hotcake, a shrimp and a Jew walk into a bar . . .

The crowd was a healthy mix of elderly temple goers and Harley Davidson riders that had driven straight from the tattoo parlor. We fit right in.

With plates full of every seafood imaginable fried to heartclogging perfection, the mister and I settled in to see the band in action.

For whatever reason, every wedding band in a 500 mile radius touts Brick House as a part of their repetoir. Enjoy their rendition below (and note the "guest" singer that jumps on stage about half way through):

In the mood for a ballad?

I was excited for this one! A little country!

Now, the price of the Seafood Festival included free *beverages.* I imbibed in a little Yeungling to wash my fried treats of the sea down. Some of these ladies . . . let's just say them and their mom jeans probably don't get out too much. Note the future Mr. Palindrome asking "Are you getting this?" around 36 seconds in:

I think Hotcakes may have dug their wedding grave with this one. I don't think you can hear the future Mr. Palindrome, but as soon as the lead female vocalist started singing "Hoo" and raising her hands in the air, he turned to me and said, "They're butchering my favorite Michael Jackson song."

I'm just happy to have a band, but the future Mr. Palindrome has discriminating music taste and I don't know if he got over the liberty they took with Billie Jean. I think Hotcakes was fun and had the perfect name for a wedding - hehehehe, Hotcakes - but maybe for a less formal event than at the opera house. So our search goes on . . .


Christine said...

Everyone in this area LOVES them. The mister and I were less than enthusiastic! Check out A Gentlemen and Their Lady. They have 3 vocalists plus horns. Loved them!! :)

melinda said...

Thanks for the tip! I'll get the mister on that!