Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Man, I feel like a Woman!

One of my very best friends from my study abroad program grew up going to Catholic school.  I was homeschooled.  We both had prudish tendencies, and how could we not?  We got the S-E-X talks from nuns, or in my case, my mother.  My friend said they used to call their class, "In God's Image." 

This post is a little, "In God's Image," in that it deals with bodies and the fact that we were created to fit together.  Seriously, I'm blushing and typing.  I'm blyping. 

All of this to say, that what was once taboo in the future Mr. Palindrome's and my relationship, will soon be wonderfully free.  I've been considering what to wear for the occasion and I cautiously looked all over the internet because I wanted to avoid carrying my purchase all over the store or risk the embarrassment of having to ask for different sizes than what is out on the floor.

My two main requirements for my outfit were comfort and identity.  I knew that the last thing I wanted was to feel overly exposed or like I was playing dress up.  I wanted to be me, with a little dash of something special.  As a flannel jammies kind of girl, the world of lingerie was overwhelming at first.

In the end, I didn't consult anyone else.  I didn't gather opinions or take a poll.  I just went to the sale section of VS online and I clicked to order.  I received the garments and couldn't be more thrilled.  Only one person will be seeing what I chose, but I will show you the bonus I threw in the cart for me:

It's sooooo soft!  Move over flannel jammies and make room for your sophisticated cousin, the sweater robe!


Christine said...

With fear of risking discovery via the internet, I totally had this fear/issue and made a very dear friend go shopping w/ me. Seriusly, call me if you need additional selections for your honeymoon...I promise, it's not that bad/embarrassing. :)

melinda said...

Hehehe, thanks lady!

wedding bridal hair and makeup said...

Very interesting!