Monday, September 7, 2009

Pulling it together

If you saw this picture from this post:

And was wondering how I would make these into some kind of sense for a centerpiece, you weren't the only one.  I decided to mock up a table since I had unwrapped all this stuff from newspaper.  After washing my hands for 9 hours to remove the newsprint, I came up with this line up:

I included a cake plate, a large candle holder, a medium candle holder and two small tea light holders.  I'm digging the vintage eclectic.  Here's the view from the back side:

I may stagger these a little bit more, instead of being such a straight line, and I'm also considering maybe some fresh greenery to lay on the table.  Since the long tables won't be very wide, I think with the china settings, the favors, salt/pepper shakers, and the serving platters for family style serving will fill the table. 

The tablecloth won't be so "I'm Damask Baby!" on the tables either.  We're going with a silver pintuck tablecloth that I think will help keep the focus on the sparkle of the glassware.  You'll be seeing this damask again though!  Start looking forward to it.


Christine said...

Totally gorg - love it!!! :)

melinda said...

Thanks Christine! I'm pretty pumped about them :)