Tuesday, September 1, 2009

A Win Win Win

Buying your jewelry from a store where it's manufactured is a win situation.  You get what you want. (I frequently do this.)

Buying your jewelry from someone who hand made it is a win win situation.  You get what you want and the artisan gets to create what they love.  (Yay!  I do this sometimes and sometimes I get to be the artisan!)

Buying your jewelry from someone who hand made it and the money directly assists them in raising their standard of living is a win win win.  (Winning all around in a much more meaningful way than wearing a tuba playing baby t-shirt.)

The following organizations are two organizations which either my mom or I have personally shopped.  They both help women in desperate situations build their lives - a win win win situation for sure.  Not only do I love wearing my jewelry, but I get so many compliments that I'm able to share the cause.

Night Light International
Check out these beauts that would be awesome for a beach wedding, a shower, or with jeans!

Amani Ya Juu
This necklace from Amani would be a great option for a casual wedding or event.
Or how about these as shower gifts and wedding presents?!
The whimsical napkin rings are hand carved and the banana leaf box is hand constructed.  The apron is hand batiked!
Have a win win win kind of day!

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