Monday, August 31, 2009

My groom

The Future Mr. Palindrome, whom I also call my lovie, stinker, Jason bear, grumpy bear, and subbie (which isn’t as applicable since he got of the Navy), has done three amazing things for me recently.

1. Since I’m working from Norfolk while he attends his first semester of an MBA program in North Carolina, he’s been holding down the fort at our fixer upper (which you saw progress being made to back here). He surprised me by having wood flooring installed in our family room! Check out our before and afters!
2. That lil stinker also had a wedding dream before me! Well, categorically it was a pair of wedding nightmares, but since I haven’t dreamt or had nightmares about the wedding yet, he wins for the first in the relationship to have subconscious thoughts arise during sleep about the wedding. His first nightmare was that he was on the way to the rehearsal dinner but had no idea where it was and couldn’t reach anyone to find out. Panic inducing for sure. The second nightmare is that one of the palindromesmen, who frequently does business travel to Japan, got stuck in a Japanese airport and couldn’t make the wedding. Again, panic inducing. I assured him that I would make sure he got to the rehearsal dinner and that even if a palindromesman couldn’t make it, we’d be able to hold it over his head for years.

3. The final surprise is that my lovie recently read all of my blog – all the way through the archives. If that wasn’t touching enough, how ‘bout this? He turned off all of the pictures so that he wouldn’t accidentally see my dress. In unison now, “Awwwwwww.” If you didn’t know, the future Mr. Palindrome was the editor-in-chief of our school newspaper when I met him. He brought me on as an Arts & Entertainment editor. He paid me a huge compliment on the blog saying it was well written and funny. It made me a cheery bear.
Funny how I know since he recently read the whole blog, he probably won't read it again (and if he does, he won't turn on the pictures), so I now I feel the complete freedom to post silly pics of him in reindeer gear.  I guess I deserve when he calls me a Sneaky Bear.

Anygroom, I haven’t mentioned him a lot on the blog because he’s a private person in general – but here’s to you future Mr. Palindrome man (sing it with me, you know you love those commercials).


Denise said...

I love the paint in the living room! How Tiffany's.

TheRoddyBride said...

Cheers to Mr. Palindrome!

BTW -- You won my postcard giveaway!! Please see my latest post for details. CONGRATS!

♥ the future mrs. g ♥ said...

Wow, isn't he a sweetie? Beautiful hardwood floors, by the way! :)

emily said...

That's one of the sweetest posts yet. Yay for J!