Monday, August 3, 2009

Dress Drooling

I showed you my dress hanging above my doorway back here. This picture is probably the best picture I have of the bottom half of the back of the dress. However, this is only because the official pictures that I found from Pronovias do not feature that portion. Having the dress hanging in the closet allows me to unzip the protective garment bag and take a peak whenever I feel like it. At work, I have the PDF from the Pronovias site saved and ready to open whenever anyone asks if I've bought my dress yet.

In order to mock my point and shoot skills, and also to prepare you for an upcoming post, I decided to show you the lovely Pronovias Detalle 2008. Don't lean too close to the keyboard, lest you drool on it.

Mmmmmmmmmm. Dressy poo! How are you?? So lovely, so heavenly, so luscious - come to momma my beauty!

Now burn these images into your long term memory so that you can help me choose jewelry this week! Sweet.

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