Sunday, August 9, 2009

Why I Scheduled a Jan. Wedding

. . . it's long after softball season!

Check out my shiner:

This is after 5 days too. There's nothing more to the story than I foul-tipped into my own face. Awesome. Last at bat, last game of the season. Can I repeat, Awesome?

This pic was the one I took the day after it happened. It didn't really seem to be showing up very well though - for whatever reason it looked much worse under the flourescent lighting at work. After I took the pic and began to crop it in photoshop, I figure I'd just give you the unedited version so that you can see just how far I have to go in my wedding day beauty regimen.

After tangoing with nearly every skin care system in the world (including a few rounds of Accutane back in college), I've found the best upkeep system to be Proactiv. I'm conflicted about buying more though.

My Pros:
I know it works for me.
It makes my skin look healthy.
I love how smooth and soft my skin feels.

My Cons:
It's expensive.
It's time consuming.

Are my cons just the price I have to pay for decent skin?

Also, do you think I should wax the brow bushes about 1 week before the wedding? My math was based on that I want the red def. to be gone and then still have some pluck free wiggle room for the honeymoon. The only problem is that I may not be in Norfolk the week before the wedding which would leave my brows up to chance as I sought a new person in the DC area during Christmas week. Hmmmmmm. . .


TheRoddyBride said...

Oh My...Foul Tip to the face (OUCH!).

I played sb a few weeks ago for the first time in 11 years and all I was hoping for was that I didn't get hit in the face or break something before the wedding :)...Ah, how my priorities have changed.

I hope that shiner disappears!! Thanks for following my blog, I will now be a follower of yours!

melinda said...

Thanks lady!