Monday, August 10, 2009

Always Yours

I hadn't much thought of a wedding fragrance until I realized that I was a few squirts away from finishing the bottle that the future Mr. Palindrome gifted me for my college graduation over 4 years ago. Huh. Now what?

I thought about just using some body splash that I have on hand and was quite content with that solution. I mean, smelling purty is for the flowers. Then I ran across an ad while thumbing through a wedding mag, otherwise known as the spawn of the wedding industrial complex (WIC). I saw a sparkly bottle. Just like a crow or a hobbit, I moved toward the sparkle.

How could I justify this expense though? I had some nice pear blossom body splash that someone had given me even before my tangle with the college grad gift of Armani Mania. It wasn't like this was my signature scent, or that I'm even the type of girl to have a signature scent. I really like the smell of Old Spice, something about that spicy man smell - Come to momma my Old Spice wearing future Mr. Palindrome!

Then I remembered that back in the day, like the Old Testament day, they prepped Esther with some massive perfume for days before meeting the king in marriage. This was a Biblical investment in my marriage this perfume. Riiiiiight.

I couldn't think of a way to fit it in the wedding budget, so I did the next best thing. I asked my sweet little mom who loves this sort of thing, if perhaps this would make a good present for me somewhere along the way. Gracious as ever, she said, "Of course! Just send me the brand and the name."

"Ralph Lauren, Always Yours," I email her.

"Ahhhhhh - it's the perfect name. I would refuse to buy you one that was named Obsessed or something like that. :)
Mom" She replied.

Isn't she the cutiest?


emily said...

1. I love how you try to justify new perfume with a Bible verse.

2. In addition to not letting your mom know I suggested having guests address their own thank-you cards at your shower, we should also never talk perfume - through college I rocked a Hypnotic Poison, and currently wear the much lighter Addict2.

3. What does it smell like? Curious readers want to know.

melinda said...

The Ralph Lauren site describes the scent as a "sophisticated floral chypre, touched with notes of iconic sungoddess rose and sensual musk." My nose smells elegant and light florals without any sweet or sticky fruitiness (like my old standby, Tommy Girl).