Friday, August 14, 2009


Besides bouts, the other man accessory I love to love is the cuff link. Come to Momma, french shirt wearing man with cuff links and those detective suspenders holding his gov. issued weapon! Seriously.

Take a cold shower and join me again in the cuff link discussion. I saw Miss Bruschetta's cuff link post over at Wedding Bee and found some new inspiration for gifts for the men in my life. Because I'm certain the men in my life also don't bother themselves to read my wedding blog (they're adverse to throwing up in their mouths a little bit every time I say tulle, thermography, and centerpieces), I'm going to reveal the cuff links that I purchased for my Dad and brother to wear.

After seeing these link in Bruschetta's post:


And balking at the price (pun intended!), I promptly began searching for alternatives. Our family grew up on red meat, potatoes, and baseball, so I knew I had to have something that commemorated those red ties that bind us.

A quick Etsy search uncovered the solution!


These may look a little rougher around the edges, but that's how we roll anyways. After a conversation with the seller, we agreed to a discounted price with no shipping costs for two pairs and they arrived in my mail box about 1 week later. I'll be saving them as Christmas presents and can't wait to get a shot of my Dad and brother together at the wedding wearing them!

I'm also still on the hunt for links to gift the future Mr. Palindrome with - I'll share ideas for him soon.

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