Monday, August 24, 2009

100 Posts AND New Functionality!

This is like your Christmas morning. It's ok, jump around and be giddy in your footed pajamas. This is worth celebrating! I've reached my 100th post and I'm introducing two new features!

1. Tags - I worked for two nights last week tagging all of my posts. The tags are at the bottom of each post. If there is a topic you like and want to see what else I've written on that topic, just click on the tag and the full list of entries will be generated. I'll be working on having the list on the sidebar soon as well!

2. Comments - I've opened up comments to one and all. I hope that this fixes the issues that some readers have had with comments. I also turned on my comment moderation feature. Since I opened up comments to one and all, I want to make sure that bad apples don't ruin all the wedding and sunshiney goodness fun that this blog is.

I lied. I have 3 new features! Want to know the 3rd one???? GIVEAWAYS! What better than be checking your favorite blogs on a Monday and realize it's a giveaway day??????????

I am giving away a set of 4 handmade notecards! I made them today with some supplies I had on hand. The doilies will be making an appearance in a DIY Tutorial (another toot!), but for now they add just a little charm to these notecards.
These would be great as Thank You cards, to put with bridesmaid gifts, as "Will you be my Bridesmaid?" cards, shower cards, engagement congratulations, wedding cards . . . You don't even have to be a bride to get some use out of these!
Just add a comment and tell me who you would give these to!  It's that easy.  Entries are once per person and I will choose the winner randomly.  The contest closes on Thursday at midnight EST!
*Note: Click the pictures above for larger images and to see why I need to get a manicure the day of the wedding.  Cute thumb, I know.


Alicia said...

I would like to give these to some of by best navy wife girlfriends. Its always great to send a note of appreciation, just for being a great friend!

emily said...

Congrats on your 100 posts!

I love the idea of these as 'please be a bridesmaid' cards - getting mail is always fun, and it adds extra sweetness to be personally asked. They'd go to my future bridesmaids.

Christine said...

I love a sweet little note. I would send them to my Mom and Grammys. :) The doilies would be so cute and perfect delivery for wedding pictures.

Megan said...

100 posts! Thats so exciting and it is a great accomplishment!! I would give mine to my bridesmaids!! They have been amazing and such a help in planning a destination wedding with me from 1600 miles away!!

Emily said...

You are adorable, always so crafty! I love it. If I were to receive those cards, I'd have a one-of-a-kind and extremely charming way to thank my friends who recently threw a very surprising surprise party :)