Saturday, August 22, 2009

Guest Book Trial

After seeing this gorgeous and practical and sentimental and fun guest book idea

at Vintage Glam and then a million other places, my Planner, Miss P, convinced me that we could make this work at my more early 20th century vibed reception.

I wasn't completely convinced though. I had to do a trial run. I thought perhaps the tree would look dead with black and silver leaves. I thought perhaps it wouldn't fit into the decor of our house. Then the light bulb went off! What if I paired it with a lovely Black and White photograph from the big day? As soon as I had this thought, I decided I wanted to make this work.

In about 5 minutes, I whipped up this mini prototype. With Crayola markers and black stamp pad, I sloppily wrote our names and then pressed on a few leaves. The future Mr. Palindrome looked on, his chief concern being the ease with which the ink would wash from my thumb.

Good news: The ink washed away with soap and water. Though I think that a box of baby wipes by the table will be the ticket on the big day.

One last staged look at my handiwork:

For the actual print that we'll be using, I think I'll be using my bamboo brushes and india ink on water color paper. I just have to dig it up from somewhere at the house in Durham. Right . . .


TheRoddyBride said...

I saw this too and thought it was an awesome idea! Still wondering if I can incorporate this into the wedding too since it is more of a keepsake after.

melinda said...

I loved the fact that we would actually be able to look at the "guest book" after the wedding! The keepsake part is def. a big draw :)