Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Matching Earrings

'Member my dress and my shoes? Have I told you about my hair inspiration? That's another story for another time, but here's how "my look" is shaping up for the Big Day:

Sources clockwise starting from the top left:, myself,, illustration by myself.

The question mark holder is for my jewelry. I think with my neckline, that a necklace is unnecessary. I love bracelets, but hardly ever wear them because they get in the way. So I decided that I would merely adorn my earsies. Gong vintage was the first thought I had - not only would it be greener, but cheaper and more in line with my overall look anyways. I've collected 12 possibilities from Etsy in a range of prices and styles. I told you before to sear my dress to your long term memory - bring that memory back up and tell me in the comments section which ones are your favorites!

The top row is the long and danglies, the middle row is the va-va-voomies, and the bottom row is the simplies. They all had to end in "ies" to make my world complete today.

Since I know that some of you are (over)analysts like myself, here is the full list with prices (click on the links for sources and alternate views):
1. Ladder Style - $22
2. Dangle Rhinestone - $22
3. c. 1980s - $35
4. Saturday Night - $16
5. Vintage Rhinestone - $29
6. Jellyfish - $24
7. Rhinestone Waterfall - $15
8. Art Deco Sparkling - $21
9. 3 pair - $12.99
10. Small Vintage Rhinestone - $5
11. Vintage Kramer - $29
12. Vintage Dangle - $7

Comments are open now (in my best Ryan Seacrest voice).


Denise said...

I prefer 7, 9, and 11. :-)

Jess said...

I like 4 :)

melinda said...

For Steph by proxy due to comment issues:
I like 1, 3, and 7.

anna and the ring said...

I realise I am a little late in the game but I love 1 and 7!

Thanks for the links!