Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Reconsidering China

I outlined my reasons and my China choices back here. I even went so far as to choose the lovely Royal Daulton Countess pattern and started to shop around for the best price.

But as you know, this story of this wedding's life is that nothing can ever be as easy as making a decision. As soon as I started pricing I realized that Macy's doesn't allow you to register for this pattern on-line. The closest store that carries it is over two hours away. Royal Daulton does not sell it on their website. Finally, I found the pattern on-line through Boscov's (or was in it Bonton?), only to find it on sale as a closeout. I decided I didn't like the pattern enough to track down whether it was being discontinued and which stores were still carrying it.

I went back to the drawing board to look at my other options. None of them were singing to me. I couldn't justify the expense as readily this go around. Then one day as I was surfing craigslist (a daily must), I found a listing for China.

*lightbulb* *ding-ding-ding* *heavens opening up and a lovely "ahhhhhhh" chorus*

Instead of registering for China, I would instead buy a set off of craigslist after the wedding. This solved a few dilemmas for me. I wanted to be green and not necessarily buy newly manufactured materials. I love vintage/classic looks anyways, and this was the perfect way to collect some actual vintage pieces. This was a much cheaper option to acquire a full set of China.

Here's a sampling of what's currently listed to show you why I so readily changed my mind:
Federal Cobalt Platinum by Lenox

Ontario by Noritake

Parchment by Mikasa

I'm keeping my eyes peeled on the Washington, DC, Raleigh, and Norfolk lists - it definitely helps to have three cities to search!

Am I crazy to want to buy used China?

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