Thursday, May 21, 2009

Our heroine makes a choice

You may remember that I left our heroine under a spell of self-doubt and inability to make a choice. I am obliged to tell you that there is a happy ending.

Our heroine built her courage and returned the darling pearl shoes, setting her heart on the gorgeous shoes.

She is happy to report that her J. Crew Mary Janes were bought on eBay and with shipping cost a mere $34.94. The attached shoe clips, which make all the difference, were purchased on Etsy for a total of $12.00, bringing the grand total to a magical price of $46.94. Not too shabby!

Sadly, there is a twist of fate in her fairy tale, the story is not yet over. The lovely vintage dress she envisioned wearing to her rehearsal dinner has been snatched up and she must trudge on in her endeavors.

Have you been facing resolutions on one front, just to turn around and face more challanges?

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