Tuesday, May 5, 2009


I'm not a choosy flower person. I love me some grocery store bouquets. I love the country song about picking wild flowers.

Spending money on really expensive floral arrangements, when carnations and baby's breath tickle me pink, did not appeal to my practical side. I hadn't thought much about flowers for the wedding, other than casually looking at what is in season for January. I might have written down in my little blue wedding notebook about Williamsburg Christmas influenced centerpieces with fresh greens and fruit.

Then . . . (I love the turning points in stories!)I was just browsing Etsy like I do every day and I came across this:

Amanda, from Design Whimsy, creates these gorgeous bouquets from vintage finds. Now this is an idea I could get into! It can be done well in advance, it won't die, and I'll be able to admire it after the honeymoon and beyond!

Look at how lovely the lace details on this one are:


I also found this absolutely divine (and outside of my budget) bouquet from Lost My Kitty's Etsy shop:


I was drawn to the feathers in the previous designs and decided to search for feather bouquets. Check out this couture candy!


The more non-fresh flower alternatives I found, the more I became convinced that this was the look that I wanted to capture for my bouquet. In a fit of excited and crafty rage, I spent over an hour in Michael's utilizing a 25% off your entire purchase (That's right!!!! These coupons are printed in some bridal magazines!) and bought myself some supplies.

Now I have a box of supplies sitting in my room looking at me longingly, asking me to make them into a treasured faux-quet. Shush up supplies! I've got to graduate this weekend!

Are you considering fresh-flower alternatives? What inspired you to look to other materials?


Stephanie said...

I LOVE this idea for you. Staying with your vintage theme while exhibiting your creative nature? Perfect. :o) Bravo.

saders1992 said...

I don't know if you check this, but I love your vintage bouquet finds and was wondering if you knew how to find the lady that made them on etsy because I seem to be having a hard time. I would so appreciate it, thanks a million [[: