Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Check it.

I am a list maker and planner extraordinaire. You know, one of those neurotic ones that add things to my do list that I’ve already done – just so I get the satisfaction of placing the check mark beside it. It’s sad, call the hotline for me.

However, it kinda comes in handy when you’re planning and coordinating a wedding. But wait, you say, “Didn’t you hire someone to do that?” Yepperoo, I did. But Miss P CAN’T HANDLE my checklists (Anyone a Pioneer Woman reader???).

I’m sure that Miss P will handle plenty of lists, but I’ve also opted to handle a few details myself. Therefore, I’ve made some of my own lists. Here are some items on my DIY list:

- Ask the Future Mr. Palindrome what he thinks of the mock up bouts I made
- Take pictures of the two pairs of shoes I have and blog about them
- Iron the material for the bridesmaid bouquets
- Buy a pillar candle and two tapers from the dollar store

Another kind of list that Miss P won’t be handling is my overall LIFE list. Here’s a sample of that:

- Graduate
- Find 6 month lease in VA
- Buy house in NC
- Move to new apt. in VA
- Move most stuff to house in NC
- Plan Wedding
- Get Married
- Go on honeymoon
- Don’t go crazy
- Live happily ever after
- Convince the future Mr. Palindrome we need a puppy

See why I need a lists?????? I’ve got a crapola lot of stuff of which to keep track. I’m especially putting a lot of effort into the last item on the life list. The future Mr. Palindrome would probably answer that with: “You CAN’T HANDLE the poop!” That is, if he read Pioneer Woman. But he doesn’t, and he wouldn’t – the bovine medical procedures that she often features . . . well let’s just say, he CAN’T HANDLE the cow guts!

I know that a lot of people use some sort of technology to keep track of their tasks, but is anyone old fashioned like me? Do you have pen and paper variety lists?

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