Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Vintage Rehearsal Dinner Outfit

I have about 20 pages of "favorited" items in my Etsy account. As I was browsing through them (I do daily to purge those items that have been sold or expired), I pieced together a wonderfully vintage outfit.

I liked it so much, and it seemed so wedding-y, that I thought it would work beautifully for a casual or courthouse wedding. Then I thought, "Why couldn't it work for a rehearsal dinner?" Since my wedding is in the winter, the sleeves would be appropriate and I think it's just so classy! Without further ado, here is my vintage outfit find:

The gorgeous vintage dress is from Glory by Jeannie Lee. It's a 60's mini and just about my measurements.

The chic shoes are flats from Moonula. They're my size!

The glamorous earrings are from Stacy's Designs 88. They're made from vintage chandelier crystals and I think would be the finishing touch!

Budget Break Down:

Dress: 75 + 10 S&H = 85
Shoes: 25 + 6 S&H = 31
Earrings: 75 + 4 S&H = 79
Grand total: $195

I'm not sure if I wanted to spend any money on the rehearsal dinner outfit, but I bet I could wear this same outfit to holiday parties this winter as well. I have a few hesitations though.

1. The dress won't fit and I'll have to try to resell it which is always more hassle.
2. The dress will almost fit, but cost some more to tailor.
3. If I buy the dress first to see how it fits, the other pieces may be bought up.
4. If I wait even one minute more, one of the pieces may be bought up.

I think I'm going to sleep on it. I'd hate to pass up such lovely vintage pieces all for the sake of being an online shopping wuss.

Did you ever pass up a buy to only wish you had gone with your initial gut feeling? Where did you find your rehearsal dinner outfit?

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