Monday, May 18, 2009

Going to the Chapel

Though I firmly believe that God is present everywhere, and I was quite happy with my thoughts on a small intimate wedding ceremony on the beach, planning my ceremony at our church has quickly becomes one of my favorite aspects of our wedding.

I am one of those poor pathetic girls who has visited churches since I've been dating the future Mr. Palindrome, and I would think to myself, "This would be a lovely backdrop for wedding pictures." Hello! This is a house of the Lord! Not a prop for my wedding!

I'm glad to say that this church means a lot more to me than my previous shallow thoughts. This church is the church where Jason and I first visited together. This church is the church where we decided to go together. This church is the church where we became members together, had our pre-engagement counseling done, have served in the nursery, and have prepared food for the congregation. This church is full of the "my people" that Ruth talks about in her pledge: "Your people will be my people, and your God, my God."

I wasn't able to find many pictures of Trinity Presbyterian Church in Norfolk - the building that houses "my people" :) - but the brick exterior and the ivory columns are indeed going to provide for lovely architectural details in the pictures.

But more so, I'm glad that it's going to provide us with the spirital love and support and that we'll need as the Palindromes become one.

Hehehehehe, become one. That's a whole other post!

Was the ceremony location important to you? Was it for religious reasons? Sentimental reasons? Other?

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