Sunday, May 17, 2009

My momento of commitment and love

but sometimes, I also call it my bling.

I was not 100% set on a diamond engagement ring. I said several times that it wasn't the ring that mattered to me. However, I knew that the future Mr. Palindrome likes to follow tradition and that his impeccable jewelry taste would probably be bestowed upon me in the form of an engagement ring.

One winter, 7 of our friends/acquaintances, got engaged in the span of about 5 weeks. Seeing all of the rings, one right after another, was an excellent impromptu crash course in engagement ring buying and styles. I learned the future Mr. Palindrome wasn't a fan of pave settings, or any other stones around the middle stone. He learned that I liked princess and round cuts.

I actually had very little to do with choosing the ring. We went to one jewelry store together and browsed for a little over 2 hours. About 10 weeks later, he proposed.

It may sound cliche, but it's everything I hoped it would be, and more. The future Mr. Palindrome exerted the same, if not more, effort that he would put into buying any form of electronics or home goods - months of careful research. I think the ring really shows how much care he put into its purchase.

I love the way that the solitaire makes a statement and says, "I own this ring." I love that the white gold is delicate and light weight. I LOVE LOVE LOVE that the future Mr. Palindrome arranged to have the band etched in an antique wheat pattern.

Oh! and one more thing I love. The stone is set in a cathedral setting, to make sure there's plenty of room for my wedding band to sit flush. Let me repeat: my wedding band!

Holy moly! I'm going to be wearing a wedding band - I'm getting married! Wooooooo hooooooooooooooooo! I'm having a "Holy wedding band, Batman! I"m going to be getting married!" moment!

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